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Unknown Knowns

This blog is about the information embedded within systems, that is forgotten or lost when the system ceases to function

…Then Let It Flow

The description of satori as the entry into noumenon indicates that it is the first time an individual experiences complete understanding of a thing. This experience of complete understanding coincides with the suppression of intellect, and the conclusion of the samurai was that this meant the intellect was holding us back from our…

Take a Moment…

You have certainly experienced flow state yourself. Like most other states of consciousness, it does not require knowing what it is to experience it. While many spiritual peoples may have pursued flow state as a purpose in life, it does not require intention to experience. It is merely a state which happens when…

Parts and Processes

In evolution, emergent properties are another one of the big puzzles. Life itself is an emergent property of interacting molecules. Consciousness is an emergent property of interacting neurons. Culture is an emergent property of interacting humans.

Tipping the Scales

The goal for any game designer is to construct a game wherein the primary factor which determines a player’s success or failure is their skill. But what is skill? And do games actually need to test a player’s skill to be games?


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